Supporting your international projects

CODIFOR supports your international development

Are you based outside of France? Are you developing new markets? With extensive experience in international employment-training projects, we have the capacity to provide technical and corporate support.

Supporting your international development

With CODIFOR (International Cooperation Agency at UIMM), we develop training programmes for companies who are expanding their international activity.
With 30 years of experience, we have launched different support solutions to meet development challenges in different countries.

For companies setting up abroad

Are you having difficulty finding training offers in your target country, which are adapted to your needs?
We can help you set up your own training structure.
We take care of the organisation of your skills needs.
We define the outline of your training system and design your programme, with local partners if necessary. We set up the appropriate equipment and material and deliver your first training sessions.
We deliver a complete training structure that you can then manage directly.

For a group of companies or sector of activities

Are you a group of companies or a sector-specific network? Do you want to develop your activity outside France and acquire skills specific to your line of business?
CODIFOR can create the training centre or training paths that will train the teams in your sector.

Faced with a business development opportunity in a given sector, we design and set up training structures to be shared by several companies.
We study the development potential for all professions in that sector, define the training orientation and set up the programme with local providers.

Promote skills development abroad

CODIFOR also works alongside professional organisations and government ministries
Support to professional organisations in the development of their own employment and training services abroad.
 With organisations, we define priorities in terms of skills development and manage professional certification appropriate for the industry.
Advice to ministries on employment and training structures.
We support ministries on issues related to employment and training. We enable them to build ties with companies and professional sectors.

Do you need to train your current and future employees on a specific technique during a few days or weeks?  
We design and launch short-term training programmes to meet your needs abroad. We have a solid network of expert trainers and adapt our programmes to local needs.