The biggest private
training network in the industry

An proactive, innovative network of experts, created by and for industrial companies.

Our network is close to you: it has a wide reach in France and an international outlook.
With more than 130 sites located throughout France and 6,200 experts and trainers, le réseau Pôles formation offers a coherent and structured solution, which is adapted to your challenges, thanks to extensive knowledge of sector-specific (aeronautics, naval etc.) and cross-industry issues.

A Network close to you

Our Pôles formation are located in main industrial employment areas.
We have developed geographical proximity with players from different industrial sectors and are therefore able to respond locally to needs for skills development.
We offer our knowledge, training sites and innovative training tools to industrial companies, whatever their size or sector of activity.

We offer a wide range of leading-edge equipment to prepare your apprentices for their future profession and your employees for the evolution of their jobs: Fab Lab, 4.0 connected production lines, robotics, cobotics, additive manufacturing etc.
Our training sessions are delivered by more than 2,000 experienced trainers. We also rely on more than 4,000 trainer-experts that we use at our Training Hubs to meet specific demands of our clients.

We offer customised advice. We take into account your organisation and your ecosystem and allocate you a dedicated advisor to support your requests that may come from different sites.
We are keen to foster a unique and privileged relationship with each and every company.

Wide geographical coverage

Industrial training at the service of your performance and competitiveness

Metal work / Composite Materials

Includes cutting, shaping and mechanically-welded assembly of metal and composite sheeting and tubes and their on-site installation

Computer-integrated manufacturing / Mechanics

Includes single unit or series production (manufacturing) of mechanical parts by material removal (machining) or additive manufacturing (3D printing)

Production control / Production systems management

Includes control of an automated production line, either line or cell (preparation, settings, control, tracking/monitoring)

Engeneering & design

Includes research, technological monitoring, design and innovation activities, which enable the design, improvement or optimisation of products, methods or processes

Industrial Maintenance

Includes activities that guarantee the availability of production equipment : global strategy, management and organisation, implementation of maintenance work, improvements

Electronics / Electrical engineering / Home automation

Includes the design, production, installation and set-up of electrical installations for industrial and tertiary sectors, or facilities

Robotics / Cobotics / Automated systems technology

Includes integration, programming and management of plant floor data enabling the automation of production processes and their communication

Information systems / Cyber-security

Includes configuration and safeguarding of infrastructures and equipment, enabling internal and external exchange of data and its use


Includes design and manufacture of industrial production systems, combining mechanics, electronics, and industrial data processing

Management / Human Resources

Company management systems (hierarchical and functional organisation) and the management of human resources (recruitment, skills management, administrative processes)

Organisation and Industrial performance

Tools, methods and actions to optimise the resources, processes and organisation of a company’s services


Includes analysing products and situations, facilitating working groups and structuring/distributing procedures aimed at guaranteeing a client position to be compliant with the standards for Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment.

Cross-functional and interpersonal skills

Includes the non-technical professional knowledge and know-how, and interpersonal skills required to work in a company in the industrial sector